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Kambo is a secretion from the Amazonian Giant Tree frog. Known as Kapum by some tribes, this healing treatment has been used by indigenous people for millennia to help heal the body, mind, and spirit. The secretions are ethically harvested and contain over 21 bio active peptides that react with receptors on our cells signaling cellular cascades of detox and healing.

Traditionally used as a medicine by the tribes of the Amazon, Kambo has been sought after as an effective treatment for many health problems.

This beautiful healing helps us release both physically and energetically anything that isn’t serving us. It’s all about making shifts and transformations in our lives so we can pivot into living in a way that serves our purpose. Kambo is a very strong purgative. Kambo is non-hallucinogenic and completely legal.

This healing treatment may help with:
-Feelings of depression, being unmotivated, lost, sluggish, or disempowered.
-Struggles with overcoming addictions, or other self-harmful patterns or habits
-Health related issues including chronic illness, fatigue, anxiety, hepatitis, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, artritis, vascular problems, migraines, infertility, can much more.

Kambo is applied by burning small holes in the skin and administered directly to the skin. The secretion will be left on the participant for roughly 15-25 minutes. During this time the participant will likely have a strong purge.

Recovery afterward varies, but ranges from a few minutes to an hour or so. Before Kambo is applied, the participant will be drinking a lot of fluid, which can be uncomfortable. This is necessary to facilitate the purge. Following the session, people may feel tired or full of energy, it just depends on the person. But most likely the benefits will start to be noticed the following day/week(s).

-serious heart issues
-serious head issues
-pregnant women
-addiction issues
-bi-polar diagnosis
-recent surgery -history of mental illness -head injuries/surgery
*you’ll need to have a discussion with Razi and Deanna if you’re on meds for any serious health issues or SSRIs

-eat clean the week before (whole real foods, lots of water)
-avoid greasy or heavy foods
-avoid alcohol (especially the night before - ideally one week)
-please don’t fast the week prior
-no sauna or hot yoga/workout the day before
-don’t come in electrolyte depleted
-don't eat after dinner the night before

-please don’t drink too much water on the way to the ceremony


Stew and tea will be provided before you drive home


Deanna, Founder - Joya

I found Yoga when I needed it the most in my life. My husband and I were heavily invested in the Real Estate market, him being a Real Estate Broker while I worked for a mortgage bank. We owned several homes and several Real Estate offices throughout California. When the market crashed in 2008, we lost everything. I was at the lowest point in my life. I was feeling very depressed about getting laid-off when we just had a baby a few months before. I was also the heaviest that I had ever been. Years prior, a good friend of mine who had practiced Yoga for many years recommended that I try it. Within two weeks after trying my first Hot Yoga class, I was completely hooked. Yoga helped rescue me from my darkest days. It was within my first month of regular practice that I knew I would one day become a teacher and own my own studio. I wanted to help spread this amazing practice that brought me so much love, peace, and confidence. I’m now living my dreams as a successful Yoga & Wellness studio owner with multiple locations and more on the way. I’ve manifested an entirely new life, one where I am living my most “impossible” dreams. I love taking and educating others on what I call a spiritual fitness journey and manifesting our most desired life through visualization.

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