Whole30 Program

Monday, Sept. 11 - Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023
$199 - Early Bird (until Sept. 5) | $249 - Regular
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Are any of these goals on your to-do list?

  • Eliminate dietary cravings
  • Improve energy and sleep
  • Alleviate allergies, anxiety chronic pain, digestive issues, skin conditions
  • Lose weight healthfully and sustainably
  • Resets metabolism

If so, you’re ready for Whole30! Since 2009, Whole30 has helped millions of people change their lives… in just 30 days! Graduates of Joya’s Whole30 program have experienced amazing results, and you can, too. Our next program launches September 11th.

The Whole30 program consists of two phases: 30-Day Elimination Phase: Get ready for a 30-day diet makeover! During this phase, you will eliminate all foods that might be upsetting your equilibrium: Added sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes (except green beans and most peas), dairy (except clarified butter and ghee), baked goods, carrageenan, and sulfites.Instead, you’ll eat only whole and unprocessed foods, including meat, seafood, and eggs; vegetables and fruit; natural, healthy fats; and herbs, spices, and seasonings.

15-Day Reintroduction Phase: During this phase, you’ll restore to your diet the same foods you had purged for the prior 30 days, to see how each food affects you. This process will let you know which foods you can continue to eat, and which ones you should avoid.

Guided by Whole30-certified Joya coach Joslyn, and supported by your fellow participants, your Whole30 experience can lead to a radical improvement in how you feel, a diet that is highly tailored to your constitution, and sustainable good physical and emotional health.

For more information, you're invited to attend one of our complimentary information sessions. Dates and times are listed above.


Joslyn is a fitness enthusiast who has always been interested in helping others meet their health and fitness goals. She is a BS Kinesiology graduate of Arizona State University and holds a Whole30 Certified Coach certification. Joslyn loves anything that is cardio and strength-based. She enjoys teaching high intensity classes like JHP, jFit, and Cycle which aid in building muscle, improving stamina/endurance, and burning fat.

In her spare time, Joslyn plays coed soccer, enjoys running, hiking with her dogs, and going to sporting events with her husband. Her fun personality provides the perfect atmosphere for anyone looking to get fit and have a good time doing it!

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