Spring Solstice Meditation and Cacao Ceremony

Fri., March 22
$40 Early Bird | $50 Day Of

As the spring solstice heralds a time of renewal and rebirth, join us for a special meditation and Cacao ceremony providing a profound opportunity to align with the natural rhythms of the earth and the frequency of our souls.

This sacred ritual will incorporate the transformative power of sacred cacao, known for its heart-opening properties, alongside practices of sound, meditation, and stillness to facilitate a deep emotional and spiritual journey.

Participants will engage in intention setting, be enveloped by the harmonious vibrations of a 30-minute sound bath, and partake in a cacao ceremony—a time-honored tradition stemming from indigenous cultures of Central and South America. Through this ceremonial use of raw cacao, individuals are invited to release emotional burdens, embrace forgiveness, and cultivate a profound sense of gratitude, tapping into the innate wisdom and healing potential that lies within.

All sales are final. No refunds.


Tahmina and Jasprit

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