Somatic Breathwork

Sat., April 20

Join Deanna for a profound and powerful intro to Somatic Breathwork. Somatic Breath Therapy represents a sophisticated approach to conscious breathing, guiding individuals in achieving full, oxygen-rich breaths that benefit both the brain and body. This practice offers a range of advantages, empowering individuals to:

  • Take control of their lives
  • Recharge their energy
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and panic
  • Cultivate focused attention for greater passion in meaningful pursuits
  • Enhance relaxation and sleep quality
  • Facilitate recovery from trauma
  • Heighten awareness of the body, fostering a positive self-perception
  • Worry less, fostering feelings of peace and connection
  • Integrate past experiences hindering authenticity

Moreover, Somatic Breath Therapy assists in distancing oneself from emotional reactions, tapping into the body-minds intelligence, and establishing new patterns and responses. It fosters increased freedom of expression, connection to one’s true self, and an overall sense of personal empowerment.

Somatic breathwork is a therapeutic approach aimed at revealing the profound impact of our breath on our emotions and reciprocally, the influence of our emotions on our breath. Rooted in non-Western traditions, this mind-body practice underscores the correlation between our physical sensations and our emotional and mental states.


Deanna, Founder - Joya

I found Yoga when I needed it the most in my life. My husband and I were heavily invested in the Real Estate market, him being a Real Estate Broker while I worked for a mortgage bank. We owned several homes and several Real Estate offices throughout California. When the market crashed in 2008, we lost everything. I was at the lowest point in my life. I was feeling very depressed about getting laid-off when we just had a baby a few months before. I was also the heaviest that I had ever been. Years prior, a good friend of mine who had practiced Yoga for many years recommended that I try it. Within two weeks after trying my first Hot Yoga class, I was completely hooked. Yoga helped rescue me from my darkest days. It was within my first month of regular practice that I knew I would one day become a teacher and own my own studio. I wanted to help spread this amazing practice that brought me so much love, peace, and confidence. I’m now living my dreams as a successful Yoga & Wellness studio owner with multiple locations and more on the way. I’ve manifested an entirely new life, one where I am living my most “impossible” dreams. I love taking and educating others on what I call a spiritual fitness journey and manifesting our most desired life through visualization.

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