New Moon Meditation

Tuesday, February 21, Tuesday, March 14
$30 Early Bird | $35 Day Of

Come join us to release the old and make space for your true authenticity to shine bright like the diamonds you are! 🌕The moon energy is a powerful resource for us to use to heal and create abundance. As the moon changes the tides, it also shifts the energy in our bodies.

New moons are especially important because they represent the starting of a new cycle allowing us to bring focus and awareness to our dreams and desires.

🌕Price: $30 Includes the following:

  • ⭐️A Crystal that has been charged with your intention
  • ⭐️A hard copy list of intentions that will serve as your daily reminder to honor your intentions and align to your purpose
  • ⭐️A cup of Kava tea (a natural relaxing drink with lots of health benefits)

The influence of a new moon lasts for two weeks up to the next Full moon which is the time to harvest those intentions. After the New Moon the moon is ‘waxing’ or growing until the Full Moon. During this time the energy of the body moves into your higher centers (chakras). This is the time to bring new things, new people or new relationships into your life or to accelerate the progress of your special projects. The lunar energy of this period is very healing and can be channeled on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

What to Bring to Class:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Water
  • Journal/pen (optional)


Caitlin Douglas is a Reiki Master and Healing Arts practitioner. She has a heart-felt passion is to cultivate an environment where clients can remove blocks, discover inner truth, and by using intuition, align to their personal higher purpose so that they can live a richly fulfilling life. Combining many modalities of energetic and auric field healing in the sessions, such as Reiki, Crystal healing, Sound Bath Healing, M-Joy Heartfelt (Matrix Energetics), and Divine Light. Caitlin's background includes work as a Diabetes Care Specialist, where she utilized her passion for health and nutrition in the counseling of clients. She is a student of Astrology, Mediumship, Ancestral Healing, Eric Pearls Reconnection, Matrix Energetics, Ritual Baths, and Shamanic Soul Retrieval

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