jBarre and Brunch

Saturday, March 25, 2023
$15 Members | $25 Non-Members

Come join the fun and forget about your to-do list for a bit with jBarre! Our non-heated jBarre class will have you feeling powerful and accomplished as we use extended holds and tiny movements that'll burn so good. After class, celebrate your hard work with brunch including a cocktail with your Joya Tribe. And what's better than chatting and hanging out after class with jBarre Instructor Ashley? Bring your friends and take advantage of this unique and super fun event.


Ashley has been teaching at the Barre since 2018 and loves it! She has a bachelors in marketing/business from Aurora University and her certifications include Foundations of Barre, Developing your eye & advanced cueing, Joya HIIT Pilates, and Joya Cycle Teacher.

Ashley loves teaching and seeing the positive changes in her students as they embark on their fitness journey. She says, "Teaching barre for the past few years has shown just how much it incorporates different modalities allowing you to tone and stretch your body in ways that others won’t. It truly is one of a kind!"

When she's not at the studio, Ashley enjoys hanging out with her three kids and husband. They are from Chicago so they love spending time outdoors!

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