Full Moon Celebration with Yin, Sound Healing & Tea Ceremony

Friday, October 7, 2022
$40 per session

Welcome the harvest & blood moons with this special two-part celebration, lovingly guided by sisters Deanna and Tahmina. Each session will feature a 45-minute Yin Yoga practice, 15 minutes of sound healing, and tea ceremony. Participants can attend either or both sessions. Capacity is 13 per session. Register early!

October 7 – Blood Moon Celebration: Since the blood moon is a time to re-examine the relationships in your life, relationships will be the focal point for this session. The Yin practice will focus on chest, arms, upper back and neck. Sound healing will focus on the heart, throat and crown chakras.

Tea Ceremony: Both sessions will conclude with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Established by Confucius almost 3,000 years ago, the tea ceremony is a sacred time for spiritual healing. We will drink three bowls of pure bud red tea, an incredibly flavorful tea with notes of cacao, hazelnut and caramel, harvested in China’s southern Yunnan province. As we sip the tea, we will surrender to the different visions and messages that this ancient beverage inspires in our minds – the perfect way to conclude a deeply spiritual gathering and to welcome the Fall moons.



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